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Logistics Analyst


Laura Jordan & Asoc están en búsqueda de Logistics Analyst para Compañía Global de Abastecimiento, Grupo Multinacional, Planta Campana
Analyzes and executes, together with logistic operators, customs brokers, stevedoring and operating companies and distribution centers at portt terminals, the import of supplies and products requiered for Mill operation, reducing logistics lead times and costs, ensuring that goods are correctly shipped and identifying govermment agencies and institutions benefits

- Graduate in International Commerce, Industrial Engineer or Bachelor of Business Administration

- Three years of experience in the area of logistics

- Three years of experience in the area of Purchases (materials and services)

- English: Upper intermediate

- Reside in CABA, zona norte, Campana, Zárate or nearby zones

Se ofrece:
- Transporte desde CABA a cargo de la empresa
- Comedor en planta 50% a cargo de la empresa


Send CV only for e-mail  - Ref. Logistics Analyst


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